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I have to sell my contract for Brookside Village for this Spring semester FAST! Things (girls housing) didn’t work out there and I just recently found out I have to move. So if you or anyone you know needs housing for next semester, please let me know! Contracts for the Spring are usually $1360, but I’ll sell mine for $850 OBO. Please spread the word for the BYUI students!

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Have you found your room yet? (I’m pretty sure we’re staying in the hotel from the Doctor Who episode The God Complex) (at Wyndham Avenue Plaza)

Have you found your room yet?
(I’m pretty sure we’re staying in the hotel from the Doctor Who episode The God Complex) (at Wyndham Avenue Plaza)

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i have to call approximately 5892919472568 people tomorrow

the financial aid office to see if i have money for next semester

the bank that does my student loans to ask why they think i need to start paying them back in june when i don’t graduate until july

and like a dozen apartment buildings to try to find an apartment for next semester because my current one won’t accept my dog again

being a grown up sucks

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it would be incredibly convenient if the walmart in rexburg was open 24/7

i mean, i know this is a fairly small town but a super walmart would be awesome for all of us college kids

and i know there’s the curfew and stuff but i currently have a real need to go buy some plastic crates at midnight

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i have to be totally moved out and have the apartment cleaned in just under 24 hours

i also have to finish my final presentation for class at 11:30 tomorrow

and make some shirts for my etsy shop

and yet i have no motivation at all to do any of this stuff

this is a problem

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I’m doing a persuasive speech and this would really help me out.

If you think animals should be adopted from shelters, reblog.

If you think animals should be bought from pet stores, like.


i need to figure out how to stop looking at wedding stuff

there are better things for me to spend my time on

and i am nowhere close to getting married

it’s just all so pretty though


so i saw satan at general conference this weekend

that was fun

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holy crap it’s like 4:30 in the morning and i’m supposed to go to class today and drive like 4 hours to salt lake and sometime before monday i need to do my presentation for my final and i have to pack up and move stuff and clean my apartment before thursday morning and i haven’t done like jack squat and great balls of fire i just want to be able to live somewhere for longer than three months is that too much to ask college is hard and i don’t like this “grown up” gig at all

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so in my late night wanderings on the internets, i have come to the decision that i will be making my temple dress

for non-mormons, we wear all white when we are in the temple. dresses have to have high necks, long sleeves, and be floor length.

i’ve been in love with jane eyre’s wedding dress from the 2006 mini-series for years, and i want to have a dress like that.

however, the 1840s look isn’t super popular these days, so i haven’t been able to find one that i like.

however, i have found this

Butterick Historical Patterns B5831

and i’m gonna make me one

and i think i have time to make one because i probably won’t be getting married for a while and i don’t know when i would go otherwise

so. my plan for after i graduate is to learn how to sew

so i can make cosplays and useful things like this here dress

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